Meet Kelly


Hi, I'm glad you're here!

As a special education teacher for many years, I always felt like my students needed more. I discovered the power of yoga after moving to Moore County in 2013. I instantly fell in love with the physical practice, the quiet and calm space, and positive energy. I began using yoga and mindfulness practices in the classroom setting and was blown away at the progress I was noticing in my students. They were beginning to exhibit more confidence, social skills were improving, and language skills were developing. My students were becoming stronger both physically and mentally. As my students were gaining these skills, I was becoming a more patient, more mindful, less reactive teacher. For the first time, I felt like we were truly learning together, side-by-side.

As I observed yoga positively transforming lives in the classroom, my desire for this practice to become accessible to all children in the community was born and in 2015, I founded the Inclusive Yoga for Kids program, teaching yoga to children at various locations in Moore County. My passion for children and the practice of yoga was my driving force to become a 200hr certified yoga instructor as well as a certified kids yoga & mindfulness teacher. In January of 2018, I signed a lease for a space in Southern Pines that would be called Dream Catcher: Yoga & Mindful Learning, a space to move, breathe, and learn together... my own dream come true. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of inclusion and celebrating each and every child exactly as they are. In my 10+ years working in schools, I've never witnessed such progress, organic learning, and pure joy in all kids as when yoga and mindfulness is introduced and becomes a regular practice in one’s life.

Outside of studio groups, I co-facilitate a kids yoga & mindfulness teacher training program, Be Still & Dream, with my teaching partner Mary Ward-Lupinacci., as well as teaching yoga & mindfulness at local school programs such as The Garden Montessori, Wild Hearts of the Pines, and Ladybug Farm. When I am not teaching, I am spending time outdoors or traveling with my husband, my daughter Violet, and my puppy Luna.